Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Spectator's Look at Mothering

If you want the truth about mothering, you should probably ask a mom. If you enjoy the wistful musings and sweeping generalizations of the uninformed...read on.

I've suspected for some time that mothers are all working undercover. As far as the public knows, mothering is about protection. Protection from cold, from starvation, from the millions of small round objects we would otherwise choke on or lose up our noses. They protect us from the big, bad, sharp, scalding hot world until we are old enough to take on the full-time job of protecting ourselves. Or so they would have us think...

If we listened more closely to the PTA's discussion of food safety we might discover that the moms are speaking in code. They're leaving cryptic messages on the wall of office ladies' rooms and tucking notes into the socks in lost-and-founds everywhere. They don't want to let on that they're mission goes way beyond the avoidance of dental cavities and internet porn.

The moms are out to inspire us.

When I asked my friends about memorable moments in mothering I got sparkling stories of adventure and enchantment.

I got a two-year-old sharing a saddle on a early morning ride.
I got a five year old being asked if she wants to see stars or moons before her mom scooped her up and dove into the pool.
I got popsicles hidden in flowerbeds and flowers hidden in coat pockets.
A mapless hike on a deserted island
A wall of his own to paint as he wanted
An air guitar lesson while blasting a record that once belonged to a rockstar

A thousand little invitations to step bravely into the world...

and keep your eyes out for magic.

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Professor PlayFair said...

What a lovely post! You captured the magic of motherhood with your words. --Marilyn