Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Beginner's Yawp

If you haven't yet developed a sufficiently barbaric yawp, here's something to keep you occupied in the meantime. Yelp is a newish website that lets you review restaurants and shops and anything else that has pleased or horrified you. As far as I can tell, its designed for people like me with:

a) decent taste and good observational skills
b) strong opinions
c) "no-one-ever-listens-to-me" issues
d) nothing else to do
e) important things to do that they'd rather not do
f) all of the above

It's also a great way to support businesses that have treated you right. If you want to review Joyful click HERE then click the red "write a review" button.

I've heard it can be kind of addictive so really opinionated people (this means you, Dad) may want to pace yourselves. It's sort of a gateway thing. Once you're yelping every afternoon, it's a slippery slope to yawping.

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