Friday, August 1, 2008

August Newsletter

New Stuff!

Big red dresser $499
Matching red bookcase $129

Saucy, commanding, and zafdig. YA!

Armoire or TV cabinet $300 as is/ $650 refinished

You could probably fit a live person in this thing if you needed to.

Rustic writing desk in espresso brown $249

We're not sure what qualifies as rustic writing. Thoreau?

Periwinkle coffee table with a heavy distress $139
Not like "being-chased-by-a-mountain-lion" distress. More like "the-ice-in-my-mint-julip-has-all-melted" distress.

Black file cabinets $159 each
Heavy, solid, fully equipped with file hangers (and not those sissy ones either.) In a word, MANTASTIC

Sage green dresser $399
Matching nightstand $159

Yes, it will go with your bedspread and yes it will go with your southwestern watercolors. You will never regret this.

Red dining set $999
Seats 6 but you could remove the leaf and not invite the neighbors who criticized your topiary menagerie. Whatever.

Solid wood old-school hutch. $200 as is/ $350 refinished
Little House on the Prairie all the way.

Contemporary wood desk $125 as is/ $250 refinished
A lean, mean working machine. Like you.

Rustic dresser $140 as is/ $399 refinished
Perfect for storing your Little House on the Prairie dress.

Antique desk $150 as is/$250 refinished
The desk formerly known as a sewing table

Corner bookcases $150 as is/ $250 refinished
Wall shelf $200 as is/ $450 refinished

Here's the plan. Go down to Red Letter Books, buy the fattest tomes you can find, fill this wall unit, look real smart.

Oak pedastal table $150 as is/ $299 refinished
Never straddle a table leg again?

Teacher's desk $150 as is/ $450 refinished

Detention slips included for an extra $5

Movie seats $300

A very hip place for a popcorn binge

Elegant side table with wood-burned design $139
There's only one thing happening in August and it's big. Back to school, baby.
All month long, in addition to our usual array of elegant home furnishings, we will have select desks, chairs, dressers, nightstands, and bookcases marked at 20% off. You don't have to be a student either so put away your ug boots and come on down.
Quote of the month:
“You moon the wrong person at an office party and suddenly you're not "professional" any more” -Jeff Foxworthy