Saturday, February 21, 2009

And Now a Word from our Willink...

One of our talented local furniture artists, Tim Willink, sent me his musings today. Thought you might enjoy.

I was in my shop the other day working on a project, and I picked up a board and moved it to another dusty corner to make room. I immediately recognized the 5 inch wide, orange-colored cedar picket because it came from my parent’s neighbor’s old fence in Çorrales, New Mexico. Then it hit me…This was one of the last boards from that old fence! A satisfied smile worked its way over my face, and I stopped to think and take in the moment.

Now that I am older, I try to take the time to enjoy life’s little “victories” since so few present themselves so clearly in my life as a woodworker. The reason for the moment is that I realized that I recycled a 5 ft tall cedar fence that bordered approximately half an acre. My dad actually saved the fence for me and helped me de-nail it, and I can’t remember how many panels there were, nor exactly how many pickets, but I do remember thinking at the time that, “there’s no way I’m going to use all of that wood”.

As I put the board down I started thinking about all of the pieces I’ve made from that fence, and I recalled that this was the summer when I really started making tall, narrow hutches. I believe I made about five or six of these cabinets, around 50 frames or so, and other pieces that I can’t remember now.

I often do this with a finished piece, telling my customers that, “the wood from that bench came from an old deck in Boulder”, or, “that bookcase is made from a remodeling job in Denver”, but I’ve never been able to quantify just how much lumber I’ve actually re-used until this “wood geek” moment in my shop.

I’ve included a photo of two of the hutches I made that summer. I think they are versatile, simple and attractive, and perhaps even better, they are made from an old fence from Corrales…

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No time like the present.

Thought you might like a peek at a few new things that may not last long enough to make the March Newsletter.

Rustic, thick square dining table $299 SOLD
Black faux-antique chairs $89 each SOLD

Shabby chic dining set $699 SOLD

Large dresser made from reclaimed barn wood and reclaimed cork flooring $599 SOLD

Antique stained glass lamp $199

Large Mirror $199

Lounge $89 SOLD

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Down

Joyful is one today. Not "One with spirit" (at least not more so than anyone else)

Not even "One" the U2 song

Just one.

According to charts that dictate such things, we should have control of our legs and feet, be able to stand, and be able to respond to simple commands. We should display affection and express fear of strangers. Finally, we should respond to our own name.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Newsletter

Valentine's Day Prezzies with Heart

Heart-shaped bath fizzies colored with natural clay and scented with essential oil. $3

Porcelain pendants on silver chains $64

Freshwater pearl and coral jewelry $20-$200

Newly Refinished Furniture with an Old Soul

Muted blue bookcase with beadboard backing $199 SOLD

Matching desk with brushed nickel pulls $399 SOLD

Modern bookcase made from reclaimed wood $350 SOLD

Fresh orange secretary desk $249 SOLD

Antique dresser in deep earthy rose $449 SOLD

Modern walnut coffee table with rosewood inlays $500 SOLD

Compact Southwest-style corner cabinet $159 SOLD

Sage sofa with dark wood details $599 SOLD

Roll-top desk $299 SOLD

Ugly Dressers with Good Bones

These gals may be round of heel but they've got substance. Available "as-is" for $100-$199 and refinished for $350-$450 SOLD

Red Sale

Everyone's in love with a refinish color we call "Barn Door." It's a blend of deep reds that looks as good on a sleek modern desk as it does on a weathered antique door. On Valentine's day everything we have in Barn Door will be half price and any custom refinish in that color is half-off too.

Love Story Contest

We're having another contest and this time all you have to do is charm our socks off. We want to hear the sweetest and most creative romantic gesture you've ever made or witnessed. Send the story to and the winner will get $50 off any Joyful Furniture. Please keep it G-rated and know that we're more impressed by boldness than by bling.

"My heart's in the right place. I know, 'cuz I hid it there." - Carrie Fisher