Thursday, August 27, 2009

Magic Hour

At 14, I joined the yearbook photo staff because... (why does any 14-year-old do anything?)... I had a crush on the editor. Although he never swung his tousled locks to look my way nor used his un-teenly deep voice to speak to me directly, I did overhear him once use the term "magic hour". It's the time before sunset when the brightness fades, colors glow, and shadows are long and clear.
It's the time that artists love. It reminds me of September.
As much as we appreciate summer and all the abundance it chucks at us, we thoroughly enjoy the day we stop squinting from the light and heat of it all. In September, the sun has our backs and our eyes start to open.
Yesterday, Joy, the tireless solver of summer's endless furniture problems, was quietly creating something new. She built a display rack that looks like it came out of an old west saloon. She pieced together an asymmetrical butcher block with some antique turned legs and it's perfect. I'm suddenly arranging flowers and writing into this blog that hasn't wanted anything to do with me for months. My friends are making art out of delicate stones
and fiery bones.

It's like waking up from a sweaty nap at sunset, and stepping out into the long, cool evening.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Furniture August 25, 2009

Little Green 3 Drawer Dresser $199 SOLD

Mod Espresso Dresser $399 SOLD

Tall Antique White Dresser $399 SOLD

Reclaimed Wood Shelf $349 SOLD

Reclaimed Wood Desk $399 SOLD

"Cloud" Table $299 SOLD

Red and White Table $389 SOLD
Red Chairs $89 each

End Table $129

Stone Sofa Table $250 SOLD

Red Round Table $349 SOLD

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Stuff Aug 20

Prices to be posted shortly....

Low bookshelf with arc shape in front and diagonal cutouts on sides. $350

Pale sage dresser. We sanded this for about 10 hours. Totally worth it. SOLD

Rustic tall dresser with deep drawers $399 SOLD

Cute green kitchen table $199 SOLD

Solid wood desk. Candy-apple red. $329 SOLD

Cream desk. $329 SOLD

Caribbean Blue dresser SOLD

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Stuff Aug 13

Glossy black dresser with mod pulls
Sale Price: $455

Small, sage green desk
Sale Price $199 SOLD

White desk
Sale Price $311 SOLD

White bookcase $183 SOLD

Espresso mini professor desk
Sale Price: $311 SOLD

Low wood dresser/tv stand
Sale Price $239 SOLD

Solid wood dining table
Sale Price: $120 SOLD

Wood dresser
Sale Price: $143 SOLD

Antique Serpentine Desk
Sale Price: $159 SOLD

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Stuff August 8

Large reclaimed wood desk
Sale Price $ 399 SOLD

Rustico Coffee Table
Sale Price: $160 SOLD

Light blue/turquoise coffee table
Sale Price: $129 SOLD

Harvest Table made of reclaimed wood by local artist
Price $699
Matching Bench $250 SOLD

White Dresser
Sale Price: $439 SOLD

Espresso Dresser
Sale Price: $375 SOLD

Small Walnut Dining Table SOLD
Sale Price: $280 (still on sale!)

Cherry Red Desk
Sale Price: $239 SOLD

Green Dresser
Sale Price: $320 SOLD

Two-tone Coffee Table
Sale Price: 240 SOLD

White desk with heavy distress
Sale Price: 263 SOLD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Newsletter

Events: Back to School Sale!
All Furniture is 20% off (excludes some consignment items)

Fringe Festival!
Joyful will be hosting solo performer Jennifer Tawse's show "Spinning Jenny"
Thursday, Aug 13th 8pm
Saturday, Aug 15th 7pm
Wednesday, Aug 19th 7pm
Sunday, Aug 23rd 7pm

New Stuff:

Blue/green dresser- Sale price $400 SOLD

Pine writing desk $120 SOLD

Locally-made Harvest Table Sale Price: $600 SOLD

Country Table Sale Price $120 SOLD

Simple pine school desk Sale price: $120 SOLD

Laminate roll-top desk $150

"We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world."

Dan Quayle