Wednesday, April 22, 2009

May Newsletter


Mothers' Day Gift Fair
Sunday May 3rd 11-4
A week before Mothers' Day, some of our community's most talented artisans will be at Joyful showing a huge variety of handmade gifts for mom. We'll have handbags, jewelry, pottery, candles and, of course, the ever-popular gift certificate.
Enjoy a coffee, treats, and a free flower-arranging activity for kids.

Spring Fashion Show
May 7th 6-10 pm

Bonnie Eckert of Tres Bon Wardrobe Consulting is hosting a FREE fashion show at Joyful. We'll have food, beverages, and about 100 rowdy ladies exchanging fashion advice for every size, age, and budget.

New Stuff

Swanky desk with hidden martini bar. $349 SOLD

Espresso bookcase $249 SOLD

Red dressers. With hutch $499 SOLD
Without hutch $399 SOLD

Espresso cabinet $399 SOLD

Tall, chestnut brown dining table with faux-leather chairs $799 SOLD

Cream bookcase $299 SOLD

Antique secretary As-is $249 Refinished $499 SOLD

Hand-painted poppy rocker $269 SOLD

Adirondack chair made of reclaimed wood $225 (SOLD)

Tall espresso brown bookcase $399 SOLD

Freshly reupholstered ottoman $199 SOLD

Low, wide dresser in Heather Green $499 SOLD

Reclaimed redwood, pine, and cedar desk $449 SOLD

Antique dresser As-is $199
Refinished - $499 SOLD

Antique Tall Boy Dresser $150 SOLD
Refinished $399

Antique 6-drawer dresser As is - $150
Refinished $399 SOLD

Solid wood low dresser As-is $199
Refinished $499 Been refinished black

"I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them." ~ Phyllis Diller

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A Beginner's Yawp

If you haven't yet developed a sufficiently barbaric yawp, here's something to keep you occupied in the meantime. Yelp is a newish website that lets you review restaurants and shops and anything else that has pleased or horrified you. As far as I can tell, its designed for people like me with:

a) decent taste and good observational skills
b) strong opinions
c) "no-one-ever-listens-to-me" issues
d) nothing else to do
e) important things to do that they'd rather not do
f) all of the above

It's also a great way to support businesses that have treated you right. If you want to review Joyful click HERE then click the red "write a review" button.

I've heard it can be kind of addictive so really opinionated people (this means you, Dad) may want to pace yourselves. It's sort of a gateway thing. Once you're yelping every afternoon, it's a slippery slope to yawping.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clean, clean, clean

Despite being kinda funky and low-rent, Joyful has claimed a spot in the Boulder Home and Garden Magazine's Home and Garden Fair. Just knowing that I'm going to be so close to all that fancy and eco-friendly stuff has me slipping unconsciously into jazzhands four or five times a day.
I've been caught on multiple occasions, when I was backed up with work, sneaking a peek at the beautiful, glossy pages of one home improvement mag or another. I love huge, west-facing walls done floor-to-ceiling in energy-efficient windows. I was born to pad lazily in socks across a sunlit bamboo floor. I want a swimming pond overlooking a lavender farm, dammit. Is that too much to ask?
Alright, so I'll have to wait (maybe forever) for a lot of what I want. As far as I can tell, no matter how much money you have, there's some coveted home luxury that you just can't have. The good news is, I've figured out a loophole. Every room in every magazine and catalog is clean and there are few decorations in this world that look good in a dirty house. It seems obvious that plates caked with soy cheese might hinder a house's ability to wow but cleaning just isn't as sexy as buying stuff.
So, my hat goes off to you if you cleaned today, or anytime this week. If you found junk you don't need, take it to Savers. If you found wood furniture you don't need, call me and we'll come get it. If you happened to buy something great and clean it too, well then you're golden.

After all, I would certainly never kick a new washing machine out of bed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Spectator's Look at Mothering

If you want the truth about mothering, you should probably ask a mom. If you enjoy the wistful musings and sweeping generalizations of the on.

I've suspected for some time that mothers are all working undercover. As far as the public knows, mothering is about protection. Protection from cold, from starvation, from the millions of small round objects we would otherwise choke on or lose up our noses. They protect us from the big, bad, sharp, scalding hot world until we are old enough to take on the full-time job of protecting ourselves. Or so they would have us think...

If we listened more closely to the PTA's discussion of food safety we might discover that the moms are speaking in code. They're leaving cryptic messages on the wall of office ladies' rooms and tucking notes into the socks in lost-and-founds everywhere. They don't want to let on that they're mission goes way beyond the avoidance of dental cavities and internet porn.

The moms are out to inspire us.

When I asked my friends about memorable moments in mothering I got sparkling stories of adventure and enchantment.

I got a two-year-old sharing a saddle on a early morning ride.
I got a five year old being asked if she wants to see stars or moons before her mom scooped her up and dove into the pool.
I got popsicles hidden in flowerbeds and flowers hidden in coat pockets.
A mapless hike on a deserted island
A wall of his own to paint as he wanted
An air guitar lesson while blasting a record that once belonged to a rockstar

A thousand little invitations to step bravely into the world...

and keep your eyes out for magic.

The Joyful Mothers' Day Gift Fair is May 3rd 11am-5pm
Meet the artists. Find something mysterious and lovely.

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