Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Whole Springtime Enchilada

On behalf of all things bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and freshy fresh, welcome to spring.

If your cleaning and reorganizing efforts could use a little inspiration, here's everything we've got by category...


73" T x 44" W x 17" D
The ultimate entryway piece
for $499

3'w x 1'd x 6'5" w flair or 6' w/o SOLD

38" across x 71 and a half"t
from front to back corner = 28"deep

Bookcases/ Shelving

White and Rustic, $299

Made from reclaimed wood and
melted rebar, hand and hammer crafted.
$125 SOLD


Reclaimed beetle kill pine and cedar
11 and a half" deep x 41d x 31"t

Tall black bookcase
6't x 3'w x 1'deep
$399 SOLD

Tall, narrow bookcase with hand painted floral design $199

13"x 30"w x 30 and a half" tall BOOKCASE SOLD

(nightstand: 17"w x 1'd x 2'tall: $149)

Pale yellow bookcase
451/2"t x 8"d x 26"w

46"w x 11"d x 30'' tall

Plant stand built from old chair $149


4' wide and the bench sits at 21" tall

I'm here to celebrate spring time.
's the kicker. they fold up beautifully SOLD
$199 each
(also a smaller version for $179 each)

Two antique carved chairs repaired, reupholstered, and refinished in a muted green. $129 each

These go stellar-ly with our rustic wood and distressed white pieces
$99 SOLD

The unfinished chair-- choose the eco friendly color, stain, or distress
$135 as is, $209 refinished

*we can order several to match or to mix and match with color

Lime Green Children's Chair

(the pillow [and we have lots] is filled with essential lavendar!)

Freshly reupholstered chair in light green $299





Solid wood desk with a black finish and light distress $399

Red Teacher Desk $449

61"w x 35" d x 31"t
$499 SOLD

makes you want to write a book,
doesn't it?


Red six drawer dresser $399 SOLD

Solid Oak Dresser
matching nightstands available

Antique dresser with turned legs and carved top $399

Six-drawer black dresser $499

Long, low mod dresser $499 SOLD
Matching nightstands $169 each

Tall mod dresser $449

57w" x 20d" x 35t" SOLD

Found in the AS-IS section, this is an unbelievable find.
The drawers are on gliders, and open and close perfectly.
$299 AS IS, $649 for the refinish of your choice.

White waterfall dresser
30"w x 18"d x 46" t

White, distressed, with cream undertones
30 and a half" x 17"d x 45"t

Red Waterfall Dresser $399 -SOLD

27" x 15" x 42"t
$349 SOLD

Mod dresser with rustic white finish
32"w x 18"d x 43"t
$399 SOLD

It's a delight, but the drawers make this piece a winner...
45 and a half"w x 33t and a half" x 19"d
$399 SOLD

50"x 22"d x 36"t
$499 SOLD

Reclaimed beetle kill pine
25"w x 52"t x 22" deep
$429 SOLD

Pink crackle vanity with matching chair $349

Hand painted, faux marble
40"w x 20"d x 31 and a half" tall

Dining Tables

Glass and Metal patio set $599 SOLD

Glass and metal bistro set $249

4' x 4' x 30&1/2"t
$499 SOLD

The striations tell the story
of this reclaimed beaut
6' x 3'
$699 SOLD

4' x 3'
Butterscotch and Blue-
bring on the spring
$299 SOLD

blue chairs $89 each

6' x 42"
Hard to believe this was a
1930's Longmont Barn
$899 SOLD

(Right now, we are offering the more rustic $699 version made with fencepost, but if you want something more polished, this is worth it.)

Square espresso table
51'' x 50"x 31 and a half"

39"tall x 38" in diameter

5' x 29"d x 30 and a half" t
$299 SOLD

Little kids' picnic bench $249

End tables/nightstands

Scroll-foot nightstand with three drawers $199

2'x2' x 25" tall

White nightstand
25"x 14"x 271/2"t

Red nightstand $199
25" x 18"d x 24"t

Tiny end table
1' x 1' x 2'tall

Red side table or mini coffee table
31" x 31" x 20t

Hand painted blue and yellow table
15 and a half x 20" x 23"t

Recycled wood table

2' x 2' x 23" tall

22"d x 27"w x 23" tall

22'' x 22'' x 23'' tall

27" x 27" x2'tallS
$199 SOLD

Green end table
26"w x 22"d x 2't

Sofa Tables and Coffee Tables

Subtle Sage Sofa Table 5' x 18"d x 3' tall

Pale blue coffee table 2' x 4'

Round coffee table $199

White coffee table
22"deep x 5'wide

Chocolate brown sofa table
49"w x 18"d x 27"t


23" x 22" x 17"t

Small leopard print ottoman $199

Small grey ottoman $125

Large, oval leopard-print ottoman $275 SOLD

Large two-tone purple ottoman $179 SOLD

Chests/ Benches

Distressed white storage bench
$249 SOLD



** Take 'em as is, out the door. Or, make these pieces your very own, by choosing the color, hardware, and/or distress. If you're stuck or need some helpful ideas surrounding your vision, we're glad to help!

A smaller cabinet...
$149 as is, $499 refinished

$199 as is, $499 refinished

These drawers are on smooooooth gliders
34and a half" w x 18 & a qt" d x 41"t
$379 / $629

Unfinished Pine Bookcase
6' x 10"d x 34 and a half " w
$209 / $359

$169 as is, $399 refinished

Singer's Sister
27"w x 17"d x 31"t

opens up to....

Singer's Sister, Exposed
(another option is removing the machine and filling so it's a larger fold out desk) SOLD

44"w x 18"d x 29"t
$149 / $299

30"w x 16&1/2"d x 43&1/2"t
$99 / $399 SOLD

28"w x 19"d x 29"t
$199 / $349 SOLD

50"w x 16"d x 31"
$179 / $499