Sunday, June 22, 2008

July Newsletter

New Stuff!

Bookcase and cabinet built entirely from reclaimed cedar and pine $350

Recycled Redwood bench by local sculptor, Berit Naeseth

Sleek, black bedroom set:

Dresser $299

Nightstand $129

Bookcase (not pictured) $99

Recycled Door Bench by Brent Owens $450

Celery Green Nightstand $159

One-of-a-kind bench painted by local muralist Sally Eckert-Tone $850

White Antique Dressing Table $299

Introducing...The Rough Room

Our secret stash of high-end used stuff is out of storage and on display for your shopping pleasure. You "do-it-yourself" types can buy it as is.

You "I've-got- other-things-to-do" types can have us paint it any color you like.

Vicious Rumors:
People are talking about us... and we love it! We were called "Extremely Eco" on page 107 of the new Home and Garden Magazine. Elephant Magazine suggested we might have the "eco-est chair on earth." We even found some writing on the wall of the Boulder County Business Report (and yes, I put it there myself.) Keep spreading the word!


Hey! Take it outside!

You've weeded, you've watered, you've arranged the ornamental flamingoes, maybe you've even donated that pickup that's been on your grass since '83. It's time to celebrate and relax into outdoor living! During the month of July, for no cost, Joyful will put two coats of water-based outdoor sealer on anything you find in our shop that you'd like to use outside. We have a slew of benches, tables and chairs that would look great on your patio. Remember to pull the stuff in before winter. Sealer will get your outdoor treasures through the summer rains, but won't protect wood from freezing temperatures.

Hey, and thanks to Susan Moore, our brilliant bookkeeper who won the June contest. This fall, our local students will be organizing their schedules and giving their phone numbers to strangers on Joyful sticky notes!


Free BBQ July 20th from 5-7pm at Joyful

Come one, come all for a relaxed dinner in our beautiful back garden. Stick your feet in the kiddy pool, have a hot dog, listen to some music. Kids, dogs, bikes, and dorky golf shorts are encouraged to attend.

I worry that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else.
-Lily Tomlin

Have a great month!


I got busted once for touching a sculpture. One minute I'm in a wonderland of cool marble and hushed voices, the next I'm being escorted out to the Quai du Louvre, everyone looking at me like I flashed a priest.

How can you blame them? They were told that sculpture is for looking at, and having never crawled into the lap of a reclining Moore or handing the Venus her missing sheild, how would they know any different?

At Joyful, I distinguish the furniture shoppers from the furniture lovers by their touch. Shoppers measure, assess, compare and coordinate. Lovers follow helplessly while their hands lead them from surface to surface, riding over smooth wood and wraping around twisted metal.

I'm sometimes tempted to protect my treasures from their oily paws but then I remember how lucky I am to be witnessing their unplanned contact dance. My tables and chairs will forgive them their familiarity, as I think the goddess has long ago forgived me mine.

Friday, June 20, 2008

As Is

Some very eloquent man on the radio was telling me (and, yes, I like to think he was talking directly to me) about great spiritual masters and their ability to see the face of god in everybody.

"Everybody?" I ask

"Everybody" I imagine he replied.

"Even the guy who swore at me this morning when I asked him to move his truck out of my driveway?"

"Even him."

"Even the person who stole Joy's bike?"


"Even George..."

"Emily, I need to get back to my radio show now."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

Nope. Can't do it. Not yet at least. For now, I'll practice on the ugly and damaged furniture of the world.

Since we started storing our not-yet-refinished furniture where customers could see it, I've been amazed at how many people love the exercise of looking at an ugly thing and finding its inner beauty.

You've got a missing drawer? You're perfect. You've got a yellowy oak stain? We see a divine glow. Covered in mysterious grey stuff? Step right up, we'll wash your feet. Falling into innumerable pieces? We can't wait to hold your thousand hands.