Thursday, December 18, 2008

For the Person Who has Everything

Dear Santa,

I know we haven't talked much since that incident at Macy's in 1981 involving your beard and a handful of rubber cement but I'm hoping we can start fresh. I know what I want this year and I figure since you already have plans on the 25th, you can go ahead and give it to me now.

  1. I want to be seated at Bombay bistro by the sweet owners who bring out their new baby to meet you.

  2. I want Nate from Sabor catering to call me and say that dreamy (and 100% true) sentence "I've got it all taken care of."

  3. I want Susan from Accurate Bookkeeping to appear on a white horse whenever reports start making my head spin.

  4. I want Cheryl at Whole Foods to walk me way out of her department to teach me everything there is to know about organic non-dairy creamer.

  5. I want the teenager in the takeout window of Good Times to tell me she loves my hair.

Service like this makes me like humans. It makes me think that, given the option to live out my days on a deserted island with only Joy, Tina Fey, Javier Bardem, Jeannette Winterson, and the Dalai Lama I might decline.

"Gosh, no thanks. I think I'll just stay here at Joyful and take my chances on being surprised, impressed, charmed, irritated, and inspired by whomever comes through the door."

Your seasonal friend,

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