Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Newsletter

Thanks for coming to our party! If you didn't make it, fear not, we are still stocked to the gills with gift items.

What to get everyone for the Holidays:

For your best friend who doesn't even try to hide her inner duchess...a freshly reupholstered antique settee $399 SOLD

For the kid who you think is cuter than my beloved neice, but isn't...a comforting felted wool pillow filled with lavender and adorned with a handstitched lamb $24

For your grandma who doesn't try to hide her inner grandma... a handknit tea cozy.

Why did everyone I know suddenly get pregnant as soon as the weather got cold? All I do when it's cold is watch movies. For Trixie, Jean, Amy, Sally (all names have been changed to protect the nauseated)...some natural, gentle, bath products from Mountain Girl Organics

They don't make teenagers like they used to. They make them better now. Despite all the same hormone-related physical deformities that we had, many of them are creative, confident and kind. If you know one of these, they deserve a one-of-a-kind mosaic and star nightstand $199 SOLD

For your sister with the bouffant, your brother with the wingtips, for my old friend Pammy whose heart would race a little at the sight of real Tupperware. Hip yet heartfelt, retro yet eco... Recycled paper letter press cards $13 per pack

Your wife is radiant after all these years and every day you count yourself lucky that she chose you over that professional athlete guy. If she's at all interesting, she does NOT want a $5000 diamond pendant in the shape of an heart....Vision Jewelry $15-$180

For the person who has everything but loves to be inspired....Glowing orange, sage and brown dishes $90 per set. Goes with everything, never goes unnoticed.

For the creative slob that you love. A place to hang a robe, candy necklaces, sweatsocks, origami birds, fairy wings, purple wig ...$119-$199


December 9th 4-5 pm. Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at Joyful Furniture. Some professional fun, food, and networking. Okay, if you want to stay home and get pregnant I understand.
I'm also starting to open up the space for people who want to have their low-key parties or meetings here. I provide the space, you bring me a few people who didn't know about my store. Free if I don't have to do anything but eat your food. $200 if I have to move all the furniture out of your way for a breakdancing competition.
Free Sand! Lately, I suppose in conjunction with gifting and crafting season, people have been wanting to try their hand at painting furniture. It's fun, it's meditative, and (for better or for worse) you can make something unlike anything you've ever seen. In support of your creative impulses, we will sand and clean any "rough room" piece of furniture you buy in the month of December.

Warning found on most brands of Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only".

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