Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free Love

Adulthood rocks. I can eat a milkshake for dinner. I can refuse to play with people I don't like. I can stay up until 1 am on a schoolnight watching movies that give me brain damage. Best of all, I can fall in love with a piece of furniture on a steamy June afternoon then ditch it after the first snow.

Some more prudent folks prefer to hold on even after the love is gone. They keep the papasan chair for the memories, the deflated leather sofa cause it was expensive, and the faux finished dining table because it took 16 hours to get the mixed vegetable pattern just right.

I say, let it go. Take it to Savers and help a college student who has $60 and a roll of shelf paper with which to set up her first apartment. Take it to the Humane Society Thrift Store and thrill a sweet lady who's been looking for a dining table that matches her salad-themes chairs. Sell it on Craig's list. It would rather be with someone who loves it anyway.

Now go and find the perfect thing. You might build it from reclaimed materials scavenged at Resource. You can buy it affordably at Joyful, Feather Thy Nest, or The Amazing Garage Sale. As long as you're not breaking the bank or stuffing the landfill you'll never need to feel guilty that it's not your first or heartbroken if it isn't your last.

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