Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Newsletter

Abbondanza! Um, we have a lot of stuff. A whole lot of stuff. How, you might ask, did we manage to whip up such a smorgasbord of treats after a sale that emptied the store? Oh, Joy has skills. She's been watching that show where chefs are given a basket of random ingredients like a rutabaga, a ham hock, and peanut butter and have to make something great out of it.

This month's list of new arrivals is long, so grab a beverage, have a seat and dig in.
(recipes included below)

Yet another gorgeous harvest table. $699 SOLD
Ingredients: A sunbaked fence, a nyc loft, & a cowboy romance novel

Set of four wood and metal chairs $350

Opium sofa $499 SOLD
Ingredients: White face makeup, an ancient carving knife, and poppies. Lots and lots of poppies.

Pillar bench $399 SOLD
Ingredients: A sunami, the flag of a yet-to-be formed country, a beaver.

Tall end table $89 SOLD Small end table $69

Ingredients: Chocolate, cinnamon, meticulously sharpened teeth.

Reclaimed wood end table $175 (two available)

Ingredients: Redwood forests, gulf stream waters, a winning lottery ticket on the dash of an antique pickup

Bamboo and Mahogony sofa/bar table $349 SOLD
Ingredients: A bamboo floor, a pair of Enomoto heels, black sesame seeds.

Cream Dresser $499 SOLD
Matching Desk $329 SOLD

Ingredients: Creme fraiche, signed copies of the Twilight series,
a ferry boat ride

Antique wooden table with turned legs $399 SOLD
Ingredients: A wild turkey, some Wild Turkey, a climbing rose winding through a blackberry patch

Antique sofa $269 SOLD

Ingredients: A weightless mousse of peas, a tea-length dress, whispered gossip.

Rustico corner cabinet $199 SOLD

Ingredients: Maiz, habaneros, a strangely-shaped key found on a beach

Thin bookcases $169 SOLD
Ingredients: Fanta, lollipops, and a funny drawing of Mrs. Stark tucked between the pages of an Encyclopedia Brittanica

Wider bookcase $189 SOLD
Ingredients: Coffee, cigarettes, Kerouac

As-is dining table $199
Refinished $499 SOLD

Ingredients: Crispy-skinned turkey, your favorite aunt who smells like vanilla, and your favorite uncle who talks like a duck.

As is super slender dining table $149 SOLD

Ingredients: Hoodia, grapefruit, l'amour and l'eau fraiche

As is dresser $199 SOLD
Ingredients: Tap shoes, licorice, a Cole Porter song

Antique serpentine desk $149 SOLD

Ingredients: Caramel, Curry, the history of a war written in ladylike script

Tall Espresso Bookcase $299 SOLD

Ingredients: Grappa, Prosciutto di Parma, and a secret door behind the bookcase

Turned leg desk $149 SOLD

Ingredients: Apple pie, apple juice, a daisy on the side of a dirt road


You've waited very patiently and here it is...Grab that thing you've been meaning to refinish cause Joy is going to show you how it's done. Four classes in the session, Oct 6,8,13 and 15th. 6pm -9pm $150 includes 12 hours of class plus all supplies. Must sign up in advance. Four spaces available.

"Give me liberty or... OOOooo... A jelly donut !" — Homer Simpson.


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