Friday, May 29, 2009

June Newsletter


First Friday - Friday, June 5th 5-8pm
On the first Friday of every month this
summer Pearl Street business and art galleries will stay open late and offer free refreshments, live performances, and special deals. Begin your tour at Joyful!

"Park" ing Spaces - Friday, June 12th 10am-2pm
Everyone we know is making an effort to drive a little less and Pearl Street is celebrating by temporarily transforming parki
ng spaces into mini-parks. Ours will have a free "Paint-your-own-park-bench" activity for the whole family.

Free Bi
ke to Work Day Breakfast - Wednesday, June 24th 7am-9am
Fuel up for your human-powered commute
at Joyful!

New Stuff

Competitive sports season has begun and we're going for as many records as possible...

World's Best Alternative to Having a Butler in Your Entrance (Hall Tree with Antique Hardware) $599 SOLD

Most Shades of Sage Green Used on a Single Desk $349 SOLD
Equally Multichromatic Chair $89 SOLD

The Most Prim and Proper White Dresser in the World (with Glass Pulls, no less.) $429 SOLD

World's Happiest Painting by Millicent Kang $475 SOLD

Most French Accessory Rack by Jill Shine $149

Quietest Screaming Deal of a Lamp. $39 SOLD

The Prettiest Handbag in the Universe $30

Birdfeeder most likely to inspire squeals of delight $129 SOLD

World's Most Somnolent Adirondack Chairs $225

Small Whitewashed Bench (outdoor ready) $199 SOLD

Light Green Dresser $299 SOLD

Freshly painted and reupholstered chair $129 SOLD

Vintage Credenza (Chris, you want this.)

As is $199
Refinished $499 SOLD

Corner Cabinet As-is $249
Refinished $399 SOLD

Fastest Balloon Dog Made Behind Back: Britain's Craig "Blink" Keith made a balloon poodle in 9.26 seconds in May 2004--with his hands behind his back.

Most Spoons Balanced on Face: America's Tim Johnston, 12, balanced 15 on his face for 30 seconds in May 2004.

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