Friday, March 6, 2009

March Newsletter

Refinishing Classes with Joy!
Come learn how to revive your old favorites and yard-sale finds! Our beginning level class on March 16th and 18th will teach you the basics of puttying, sanding, painting, sealing, distressing, and hardware installation. Class is here at the store from 6-8 pm and we supply all the tools and paint. Cost is $60 per person. Shoot us an email if you have questions

Hot Stuff

March didn't come in like a lion, a lamb, or a groundhog this year. It came in hot. I mean 137-year record hot. It came in like Angelina, Clive Owen, and Chris Farley all sharing one snowsuit.

The planet is boiling and we're going with it.

Barn (wood) burning $349 SOLD

The paint on this desk actually bubbled off when I left it in the window. We've since repainted it and it's been behaving since then but I can tell it's cooking inside. $349 SOLD

All the hot ladies have dressing tables. While you're sitting here smearing on rouge like a far-sighted grandma, someone might ask you "What's with the war paint?" and you'll just smile. SOLD

Texting is sterile. Phone calls are predictable. Sit yourself down and write a love letter. Think "Atonement." $350 SOLD

Shove all your turtlenecks, jeans, and fleeces in this deep-drawer dresser. $399 Grab the nearest shorts and don't look back. SOLD

Barn (wood) burning- part two $225 (one sold, one available)

Breath a little dragonish? Pop a couple of these cool mints. Desk $249 SOLD Dresser $349 SOLD

The gal in Atonement never got to write back. Someone really should. He deserves that much. $299 SOLD

This dresser goes with the mysterious bubbling writing desk above. They're extremely old and might be haunted. That's considered hot in some circles. $599

This color is actually called "St. Lucia Teal" Be the tropical vacation you want to see in the world. $349 SOLD

I honestly can't think of anything hot about this harmless little set...but hot isn't everything.
Dresser $399 SOLD Nightstand $159 SOLD

It ain't the heat; it's the humility.” -Yogi Berra

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Katy said...

Love the writing! Clever & funny!